Thanksgiving was first established as an American holiday by President Lincoln in 1863. At that point, and for many years thereafter, the turkey feast itself was considered decoration enough for most holiday tables. Some hosts like to consider their delectable turkey as the centerpiece of their holiday table. Unfortunately, the table looks quite barren once the big bird goes quickly from beautiful to bones at a large family gathering. Make the holiday festive with a  inspired Thanksgiving bouquets, centerpieces, decor and more to brighten your table. Between perfecting your turkey and pies, don’t forget the rest of the holiday table. Wow guests with a rustic Thanksgiving table.Whether you are setting a fancy, fun, or frill-free table, we’ve got you covered.

A great look for the center of your table is a floral arrangement in a basket.

A more modern look for your table can be seen in picture below.

Adding sunflowers is always festive and bright to a bouquet.