Pros and cons of snake plants

As I figure out which plant to get for my own bedroom, I felt it necessary to share a bit of information with you regarding the snake plant. Spoiler alert: The pros outweigh the cons, but it’s super important to be well aware of the cons.

Snake plants are easy on the eyes and go well with any decor, paint color, and theme. Snake plants are also easy to care for, as they require very little maintenance. I remember my Nana having one in her apartment way back when, and I personally always loved the aesthetic of the plant itself.

Let’s jump right into the pros:

My favorite, and something that I personally need is the plant’s ability to purify the air and improve allergy relief. Snake plants remove toxins and pollutants such as, benzene, xylene, formaldehyde. The snake plant releases oxygen at night on top of it all! How cool is that! Snake plants have the ability to add moisture into the air, making it easier to breathe. The plant has been known to improve quality of sleep, reduce headaches and eye irritation, and can even improve respiratory problems. Obviously, a single plant isn’t going to cure us of any aliments, but the benefits that the snake plant provides are truly beneficial and can make a difference.

Now onto the cons:

The cons of this plant are scary, but they are also mild in humans (for the post part). The cons of the snake plant are that it’s toxic to pets, children, and even adults. The plant itself shouldn’t be touched and not a single part of the plant should be consumed. If you touch any part of the plant, simply wash your hands really well in warm or hot water and antibacterial hand soap. All parts of the plant contain saponins, a natural but toxic compound that can cause dermatitis, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and swelling in the mouth or throat. Over the years, the snake plant has gained the nicknames “mother-in-laws tongue” and “Saint George’s Sword” even! BUT if placed in a right area, and if you have a kid-free home, this plant shouldn’t cause any issues, as its pros are very positive and helpful to the air and body!

Even though the pros outweigh the cons, it’s always important to be well aware of all plants and what they are capable of. Don’t forget, plants are a living organism that usually thrive on water and sunlight. A lot of green plants are fairly low maintenance, but all plants still have their individual qualities (both good and bad). I will continue writing more and more about each individual plant to help spread as much information as possible so what you purchase has the most quality to your space and home. I am fascinated by plants and flowers, and I hope you and I will learn a lot together in my plant blogging journey!

Tune into more plant blogs soon. And don’t forget to call us and inquire about what plants we have in stock and what we can order for you. Both indoor and outdoor plants are currently available!