Poisonous Plants for Pets

The Holiday Season can be a fun, but stressful time for our pets. Some get anxious, other’s get copious amount of table scraps. Some open presents, others prefer a Christmas morning nap. No matter how your beautiful babies like to spend the Holidays, we need to remember and keep on top of the fact that a lot of plants and foods can be poisonous to animals. Here is a list of plants that you need to keep away from your pets:
Lilies, Poinsettias (all colors), Holly, Mistletoe, Amaryllis, Yew, and Pine Needles. Not only can the leaves and needles do damage to the intestines, but they can also carry a large amount of germs and bacteria in the water that they sit in. The dirt, water, and leaves and stems need to be out of range from your loving pets.
We hope you have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season!