How To Make Your Christmas Arrangements Last Longer

Christmas is such a busy time. Everyone is so busy preparing dinner, gifts, and even making New Year’s preparations. You’re probably thinking, I don’t have time, or even space in my head to remember to care for anything more. Well, I have some good news for you, it’s incredibly easy to care for your Christmas blooms so they last longer! Here’s how…

Step One:

Always check the water in the bouquet when it first arrives. Even when a delivery driver is being careful and doesn’t blast the heat, water can leak out or evaporate a little upon travel. I personally always change the water fully. Use cool water and be gentle when you lift the blooms.

Step Two:

When you receive your bouquet, centerpiece, or basket the week of Christmas, immediately put it in a cooler dryer area of the home. When you’re cooking for example, move the piece away from any heat, grease, and of course flames. I highly suggest a cold garage or even the fridge (if it’s not already filled with food and tasty desserts). Doing this small gesture of placing it somewhere safe before dinner even begins, it’ll help keep the flowers safe and beautiful for your special family dinner. 

Step Three: 

When it’s time for cleanup, place the flowers in an area where they won’t be bruised or hit and then gently place back on the table when it’s time for dessert.

Step Four: 

Throughout the week, check the water every single day. If you have a clear glass vase, simply dump the old water and add new cool water. When you have a centerpiece, check the oasis and make sure it’s wet and fresh each day. Just simply, slowly add water into it. I like putting a little hole with my finger at the very top of the oasis so that it doesn’t splash, and most of the water goes into it. Water it gently like a flower bed outside of a window (steady and even droplets until soaked). If you have a basket, again, do the same as you would with a centerpiece, except this time it’s a little easier because there is usually a plastic dish to catch and hold the fresh water. Do not over water any of them. And always remove old stale water.

Step Five:

Step Five is for the more advanced flower getters. This doesn’t always have to be done, but it’s preferred…cutting the stems every couple of days. Cutting the stems on an angle will help them drink the fresh cool water more effectively, allowing the arrangement to last a lot longer. Don’t stress about it either. By this point in time, they might need a little rearranging. Go for it, have fun with it. Don’t stress if the blooms are out of order or looser than you thought they’d be when lifting.

Step Six:

Step Six is optional, but it’s always one of my favorite steps to witness in person. When you’re ready for your next bouquet, simply order it with any blooms that you like in any color and bring the hand-wrapped bouquet back home. The excitement on the customers faces and watching them pick their own mix is a lot of fun. Ask the designer to make them either long stemmed or short (depending on what vase you have). Some even bring the vase in and let them arrange it fully. And no worries, you won’t be charged for the vase that you bring in! If you received a basket, we would gladly take them back (we have regulars who bring us a bag full of baskets each Holiday). When it comes to Holiday pieces though, most are hand-crafted and displayed in beautiful reusable collectable vases. Some can be used for spoons and spatulas. Others become a yearly decoration, and others use theirs as gifts to loved ones (I’ve seen customers bring in a vase and ask for a little assortment of nuts and candy even). 

No matter what you end up receiving, and no matter what you end up recreating over and over, just simply have fun with it. I forever reuse a vase my mother got me YEARS ago. Anytime my husband gives me flowers, they go right into that vase. The memories that we make on Christmas are always worth preserving in any way we can!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Everyone here at Mr. Bokay!