Take this Quiz and Find Out Which Flowers to Buy on Valentine’s Day!

Which drink would they prefer?

A) Latte

B) Tea

C) Cold-pressed Juice

How would you describe them?

A) Confident

B) Sweet

C) Exciting

What is a word to describe their dream date?

A) Luxurious

B) Homemade

C) Adventurous

What is their idea of exercise?

A) Shopping

B) Yoga

C) Gym


If you got mostly A’s…

You got Romantic Rose! Loving to be treated like the queen they are, I recommend indulging your loved one with our Enchanted Beauty Bouquet!

If you got mostly B’s…

You got Lovely Lily! Preferring to stay at home with homemade dinner by the fire, I recommend adoring your loved one with our Valentine’s Bundle! 

If you got mostly C’s…

You got Luscious Lavender! I recommend our unique Loving Lavender arrangement, because just like this beauty, your s.o. is like no one else..

If these are on the right track and you want to consider all your options, visit our Valentine’s Day Specials page, and be sure to keep checking in with our blog for our top V-Day tips!