Cosmos Choca Mocha

Plants don’t get much better than chocolate cosmos, which both looks and smells like chocolaty goodness! This plant is something really special a chocolate scented flower! These rich, velvety, dahlia-like, chocolate-maroon flowers give a heady aroma reminiscent of the best Belgian chocolates! The burgundy-maroon flowers appear all summer long on tall stems and bear a rich scent.

Cosmos choca mocha

Native to Mexico and extinct in the wild, Cosmos atrosanguineus is a low-maintenance plant that can stand drought and heat. Treat it as an annual, except for Zones 10-11, where it can bloom practically all year. Used as fillers in mixed containers, the ferny foliage blends easily with other annuals.

This flower is sometimes almost black, velvety flowers on long, slender, reddish brown stems bloom from early summer to autumn. Chocolate cosmos is a tuberous-rooted, tender perennial (native to Mexico) that can be overwintered indoors where not hardy.

smells like chocolate!

Cosmos Choca Mocha will flower all summer long, from July right through to October, and the blooms are beautifully offset against pretty blue-green foliage. Perfect for patio pots, beds or sunny borders, these stunning plants are sure to delight wherever they are placed! Plant anywhere you can catch the scent as you pass by chocolate heaven! Very easy to grow and care for, these semi-hardy, tender perennials can be kept overwinter in warm sites if mulched. They prefer full sun and well-drained soil.

Picturesque pillow!

Have this flower screened onto a decorative pillow, how beautiful is that!