Freesia Heaven Scent

March Madness is here. What better way to cheer you up than the wonderful smelling freesia plant.

The heritage of freesia, a member of the iris family, can be traced to Italy. The white iris was prevalent throughout Florence and became the city’s celebrated symbol. Gardens of grandeur sprang up throughout the land, where iris hosted a kaleidoscope of wonderful botanicals. Freesia’s uplifting fragrance, described as a bouquet of fresh-cut blooms, perfectly interprets the dewy aromas of famous Florentine gardens.


 Freesia is the scented expression of a journey across bridges of gold to the magnificent floral havens surrounding villas and castles from a bygone Renaissance era. A great perfume can be made with the enticing scent of Italian freesia, along with cyclamen and muguet and blended with Italian orange, crisp pear and noble amber in an elegant fruity-floral composition. Let the senses be romanced by the past while enjoying a refreshingly new interpretation of freesia.

A couple of stems are all that’s needed to make a bouquet sweet-smelling. The green buds clustered along the thin, arched stem open gradually into delicate flowers. Beauty and a wonderful scent, how intoxicating!