Beautiful vases sway when flowers reach for the sun or as they lose their petals


Article Source and Photo Courtesy of: RocketNews24

A Japanese designer has created a vase that moves with your flower arrangement.

Extending that practice to the flower-holding vessel is Japanese designer Keisuke Fujisawara, who has created a line of vases that sway and move with the arrangement, as it reaches for the sunlight or as it drops its petals.


The drop-shaped vases are made from steel and come in five different colors with a brilliantly mirrored coating. The reason they sway, with or without the touch of a hand? When flowers are placed in them or as they bloom and fade away, the weight that sits at the bottom of the vessel changes. Subtle movements alter its center of gravity, changing its direction while keeping it upright at all times.

These interesting pieces would be great additions to any kitchen, living area, or office.  The bright sunshine and reflection of the vase will surely put a smile on your face and uplift your spirits naturally.  These vases are a great gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, or Just Because. Westchester Flower Shop keeps ahead with flower trends and international design concepts.