Now is the time to be excited about flowers! Summer is in full swing and blooms are everywhere. In the spirit of the season, we did a bit of digging to unearth the best offer inspiration for which florals to use in floral arrangements for your floral decor, and more. Summer is all about beach, fun and hot sun. Now that the warm weather is here, it brings with it the happiness to update your interiors with colorful floral arrangements with the lightness feeling of summertime. Time to be creative. You’ll never feel bored with all the possibilities.
Flowers we love to use in summer are:
Dahlias are one of the most widely grown and well-loved cut flowers. Their brilliant blooms come in a dazzling rainbow of colors. They flower from midsummer until the first frost of fall. There’s no going back if the dahlia bug bites you.

Colorful Dahlia Bouquet
Colorful Dahlia Bouquet

Sunflowers say “summer” like no other plant. American sunflowers are grown for their beauty as well as for their seeds. They have big, daisy like flower faces of bright yellow petals and brown centers that ripen and fill with seeds. The seeds can be used for making sunflower oil, which health benefits may include improving heart health, boost energy and many other benefits.

Rustic Sunflower Bouquet
Hydrangeas are incredibly versatile flowers that work for almost any theme with their voluminous soft petals from cascading center pieces to romantic bouquets, the options are endless.

Lovely Hydrangeas
If you like white flowers they look great with any color and can give a nice bit of color relief to break up darker colors or provide a transition between lighter tones. They can also look great on their own if you want to create a perfectly pure and clean palette. White hydrangeas, white roses, white snap dragons and white gerberas make a lovely bouquet.

Delphiniums are a stately, elegant perennial that is a standard in English cottage gardens. Another name for them is larkspur. They have an elegant stature and are astounding in blue and violet tones!

 Dreamy Delphiniums