A student’s room is a space which can be their own private sanctuary decorated how they like. It is often their safe haven away from all the pressures of assessment and coursework deadlines. Early September is the time of year where many students take great time and pride in sculpting their room into their idea of bedroom heaven, whether it be through plenty of plants, flowers, plush cushions, photos, candles or fun lights. However, nothing changes a bland space into a room of life as much as plants!

A trip to your local flower shop and then to a home store are popular with students who wish to make their room reflect their own style. Students should investigate the plants area where they will find a whole range of small potted plants to choose. For example you can get an orchid, a cactus, a potted ivy, and a dragon tree (Dracaena marginata).

Dragon tree plants and cactus prove to be incredibly low maintenance plants and therefore perfect for the average student.


Dragon tree

Place your dragon tree in a light spot, but away from direct sunlight.Only water when the compost gets dry and occasionally spray with water. Every six weeks in the spring and summer, give it plant food.




Cacti like to be kept in a warm and light place, and they cope well with direct sunlight too.Leave the soil to dry out before watering them and then water moderately. In the winter, give it little or no water. In the summer months, add some cactus food.

Cactus image


Other houseplants which are perfect for students are mother-in-law tongue plants, peace lilies, aloe vera and spider plants. They’re all low-maintenance choices with generally good survival rates! All are available in your local flower shop! Get up and go!

Mother in law Tonque plants

Mother-in-Law Tongue Plants

Peace liliesspider-plant




Peace Lilies (L)                                                                                       Spider Plant

Aloe Vera plant

Aloe Vera Plant