Local Business Report: Support Your Florist this Valentine’s Day

February is commonly known for red hearts, cupid’s arrows, and beautiful rose arrangements that illustrate love and devotion.

About 60% of people living in the Westchester and Fairfield County area will be making Valentine’s Day purchases this year. These annual totals average around $20 billion. In most communities, great gifts are available from independent restaurants, florists, jewelers and other local businesses. The majority of these small shops compete directly against the giant chain box stores and online franchise websites. It is crucial to inform local consumers the essential value of “shopping local”. Transitioning your purchase power and spending at local, independent stores can yield a big boost for your local community.


Independent florists naturally will first ensure their direct customers get the best quality product and service — especially at popular holidays. Charles Bruna of Westchester Flower Shop notes, “When you choose a local florist, you get someone who can learn about your specific wishes and the recipient to create something they’ll love, rather than a generic arrangement, far from what you are expecting.”

How to Ensure You’re Getting Full Value

If searching online, look past the paid ads, which almost always are dominated by national order services (which offer a legitimate service, but take a hefty commission) or businesses fraudulently posing as local.

Be sure to look for local businesses with physical street address and a phone number with a recognizable area code. Most times, a phone call requesting a physical address will determine if you are talking to an actual florist or just an order gatherer.

independent florists provide a higher quality and generate local and environmental benefits rather than shopping at a big box store or even a grocery store.