Consumer Report: Valentine’s Day Gift Buying

To stay ahead Port Chester Florist is informing local consumers to order from a real local florist and beware order gatherers.

When an order gatherer accepts your order over the web or telephone call, the ”company” can provide little to no guarantee that your selection will be filled exactly ‘as sold’ and as pictured. These orders are being transferred to a local florist for fulfillment. Many sites feature licensed wire service images and only hope that they can find a local florist that has the specific item, or something close to it, in current inventory.


The gatherers don’t truly know if the amount charged the consumer is adequate to meet the customary price of the local flower shop – including delivery charges – since they are simply brokering the order. The final dollar amount, once it reaches the actual florist is no where near the original value. Which leaves the arrangement lacking the expected amount of blooms and decreased order value.

Local Port Chester, NY consumers may have chosen a flower arrangement based on the vase displayed or a specific flower type featured, yet many orders are transferred to local florists with vague descriptions and/or instructions stating ‘fill as similar as possible’ – leaving both a disappointed sender and recipient.

The average ‘service fee’ of $11.00 USD, a privilege fee charged just for forwarding orders to local florists, boosts the cost to consumers, giving the appearance that florist-delivered flowers are higher priced than they need be.

There is a common misunderstanding between the consumer and flower companies between what is ordered and what is exactly delivered. To make sure your expectations are met and satisfaction is guaranteed, always choose a real local florist for your flower orders. Even grocery stores have a lesser quality flower and will not last as long as premium florist blooms.