3 Creative and Awesome Uses for Pumpkins

3 Awesome Uses for Pumpkins

Pumpkin vase

A pumpkin vase is a quick, easy, and fun way to decorate mindfully around the house for fall festivities. Two variations on this basic design can take your Halloween party to the next level. So don’t just sit there, grab a few pumpkins and get crafty!

Festive Pumpkin Vase


  • Flowers
  • Serrated knife and spoon
  • Medium-sized “tall” pumpkin
  • A mason jar or coffee can
  • Leaves, twigs, or fabric (optional)


Using a serrated knife, cut the top off of your pumpkin. Make sure that the hole is large enough to fit a mason jar or coffee can inside the pumpkin later.

Once the top is separated, pull out all the innards of the pumpkin using a large spoon. Make sure to scrape the inside walls of the pumpkin as clean as you can, then gather up your decorating materials. For this project we used some fallen foliage from outside for a simple and natural look, but it’s your pumpkin so get creative with it!

Once you’ve glued or drawn on your decorations, rustle up some flowers and start arranging them in a mason jar or coffee can. When you’re done, lower the arrangement into the pumpkin and presto — your pumpkin vase is complete.

Alternative Uses for a Pumpkin: 

Drink Cooler-  Use that same method to create a festive and functional tool for a Halloween party. We suggest using a large, squat pumpkin for the cooler and cutting a wide hole so you can squeeze in an ice bucket and a wine bottle or a few extra brews.

Candy Bowl-  Instead of digging into a pumpkin and coming out with gooey “guts,” they’ll get some tasty Halloween treats. For this design it’s probably best to cut the entire top third of the pumpkin off so that you can easily fit a candy-filled mixing bowl inside.