Mr. Bokay Flowers & Greenhouse – Then & Now – Launch into a New Online World of Flowers & Plants

Mr. Bokay Nationwide Florist and Port Chester Florist is launching a new website to bring ordering flowers for nationwide delivery into a world of fun.

Mr. Bokay Flowers & Greenhouse - Then & Now - Launch into a New Online World of Flowers & Plants

We are very excited about the official launch of our new website for nationwide flower delivery. As a way to keep in touch with today’s fast moving times and quick moving technology, we have released the website to improve the user experience while shopping for fresh flowers.

The new site now has high-resolution photos, making it easier to see the beauty of each bloom in full detail. After all, Mr. Bokay Flowers is known for the freshest and longest-lasting flowers on the entire East coast. It only makes sense to have detailed and high definition photographs that illustrate the natural beauty of each flower in the flower arrangement of your choice.

Not only do we have bigger and better photos, our site now has new features that makes the shopping experience a lot more practical, functional, and fun. Easy to see and easy to use buttons and tabs have increased the likability of our site among new users over 75%. You can communicate with a live representative from Mr. Bokay Flowers & Greenhouse, just with one click. Any questions or concerns you might have about your delivery will be answered within reasonable time and right on the website. No need to make a phone call or even get off of the homepage. We make the entire experience very simple and savvy for even the most beginner computer level user.

The revamped website has a new reward system for our many loyal and returning customers. Now with each flower arrangement you order for nationwide delivery- You can accrue points and will be eligible for free delivery dates, major discounts on arrangements, and even seasonal bouquets and special deliveries during Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. We always have lots of activities and information circulating during the holidays. So, let Mr. Bokay Flowers & Greenhouse be your one stop online shopping destination for same day flower delivery and nationwide flower delivery.

Mr. Bokay Flowers & Greenhouse has flourished in reputation and is now recognized as an industry leader and has been awarded an FTD top Master Florist for the past 9 years consecutively. Nationally, Mr. Bokay Flowers & Greenhouse currently handles flower decorating for several hotels, catering companies, and even car dealerships across the country. Any floral arrangement designed by Mr. Bokay Nationwide Florist is set apart with elegant flair and creative design that is unmatched.

Mr. Bokay Flowers & Greenhouse continues to invest in the most advanced and modern technology available to ensure that the shopping experience is enjoyable, fun, and convenient for all of our patrons. To ensure professionalism and produce a modern approach, our website is now available from all mobile phones so that your flower ordering process can be easy, quick, and conflict-free. We are talking about flowers after all.

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