Healthy Lifestyle Habits for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving Day is quickly approaching and the beginning menu preparations have already began.  Usually, Americans mark this day as day to commemorate and appreciate all the good things that have passed throughout the year.  Usually, Thanksgiving can be either a potluck festivity or the host will make all meal preparations.  Thanksgiving Day is a free pass to eat and enjoy whatever foods you may life, no matter the calorie count or fat content. Pies, Stuffing, Cakes, and plenty of other carbohydrates usually make up the typical Thanksgiving meal.  Many people who have stuck to their weight loss resolutions will opt out for the pie and stuffing and replace it with Jello and veggies.

Here is a list of ways to maintain and control your weight during Thanksgiving and the holiday season:

  1. One Time Pile Up – Fill up your plate with everything and anything your heart desires. Consider this to be your treat for the Thanksgiving holiday.
  2. Go Outside and Feel the Burn – Physical activity for at least forty five minutes after you eat and this will immediately start the body to burn off any newly nourished calories.
  3. Clean Up The Post Meal Dinner Setting
  4. Give away your leftovers.