Fun and Family Friendly Thanksgiving Day Activities from Westchester Flower Shop

The time between Halloween and Thanksgiving goes by a lot faster than most people expect.  Daylight Savings Time ends, temperatures drop dramatically around the Hudson Valley Region, including Westchester and Fairfield Counties.  Traditionally, Thanksgiving has always been a magnificent way for the family to gather around the dinner table and discuss what has occurred in that latter part of the year, one time before Christmas and New Years.  There’s food, fun, and even festive games and activities that different families share among the masses who celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.  Thanksgiving is very much a holiday that incites the curiosity to all senses from the body.  You hear the football playing loud in the background, amongst the chatter of family and friends, then you might see the children running around or tossing the football in the backyard before dinner.  The smell, well that’s a given, smells vary from delightfully savory and delectably sweet smells of Turkey, Ham, Stuffing, and fresh baked pies and cakes.  Soon thereafter, once the family is seated and begin to taste the efforts of those who cooked and prepared this beautiful picturesque meal.  While the meal is being enjoyed, our stories and laughs touch our souls in a way words cannot even explain.  The overall feelings that surround the Thanksgiving celebration bring about a beautiful touch to the world we live.  To make your Thanksgiving Day that much brighter, I have listed some fun and exciting Thanksgiving Traditions that your family can bring about into your customs and social norms of Thanksgiving.

To start with, I always find a way to make sure we all eat together. Even if it means squeezing chairs, adding card tables or going to the extreme of moving furniture from the dining room into the living room. Next, I make table favors for everyone that also serves as place cards. It could be as simple as a Holiday CD with a personalized CD cover to a photo mug. After that, I plan a game that all can play while we are eating. While Turkey Trivia is always fun, “Turkey Tunes” is another favorite. Like “Millionaire”, they can use family lifelines if they need help and of course, there are prizes for one and all. It is great fun and keeps everyone engaged and talking and laughing.

A major part for a beautiful and fun Thanksgiving holiday is the post-dinner entertainment.  After a big meal and stomach’s are full, it is always nice to pull everyone away from the table and get those body’s and smiles in action. Activities include:

1) Card Games

2) Turkey Bingo

3) Pictionary

4) Taboo! and other Multi-Player Games

5) Poker and Texas Hold Em

6) Paint something as a family

7) Make Gingerbread House

8) Karaoke and sing past time favorite family songs

9) Watch a wonderful, classic family movie

10)  Line Dance!

Fun activities such as the ones mentioned above are sure to bring about lasting memories and fun times for the entire family.  Make your Thanksgiving one to remember and bring about wonderful feelings of joy and happiness.  Family is one aspect or ingredient to life that should not ever be taken for granted.  Westchester Flower Shop would like to wish all of our loyal blog readers, social media followers, customers, and clients a wonderful holiday celebration on Thanksgiving Weekend.