Make a Statement and Bring over Flowers for Thanksgiving Dinner!

To make a lasting impression on your Thanksgiving Dinner host, opt-out of bringing that traditional side dish or dessert and make an Even Bolder statement by ordering and bringing a beautiful and festive, Thanksgiving bouquet or Thanksgiving arrangement.  If time is available, try to send over the bouquet, centerpiece, or arrangement a couple days early so that the host can then incorporate the floral piece into the rest of the holiday Thanksgiving decor. Think about the general style and personality of your dinner host.  Use festive and in-season color choices if possible.  Trying to reflect the general style of your host will make the arrangement more personal and even more memorable to your respective host.  For example, if you have a very traditional party or dinner host, consider a cornucopia piece.  If your dinner host is more contemporary or modern, try to consider an orchid plant arrangement with festive Autumn colors.

Be sure to include a personalized card so that your dinner host remembers who the beautiful arrangement came from.