Inside the Industry with Westchester Flower Shop: Grocery Store Flowers vs. Flower Shop Flowers

Quite often we are faced with the dilemma of quality over quantity. This is not a question when it comes to Fresh Flowers.


Time and quite often, Money are both of the essence. Our daily activities are often rushed and full of haste all for the sake of accomplishing our daily goals. We sacrifice certain qualities and services just to save a few bucks or some time. This is quite common for the usual American consumer.

When it comes to purchasing flowers, consumers often are misinformed as to the quality and service offered between the grocery store and flower shop flowers and plants. Flowers at a grocery store often come across as the same quality as a flower shop, however, this blooms are often not the same quality, do not come from real international farms, and do not live as long. Above all, the service is not the same at a grocery store. Usually, the clerk is just a regular untrained person. Lastly, grocery stores will not offer the same variety of fresh flowers or plants as a flower shop.

Although, pricing and convenience favors the grocery store, there is a large difference and contrast when purchasing flowers from the flower shop. Employees at a florist will be more knowledgeable and offer a higher level of customer service to each and every customer. We sell flowers and flowers only, nothing else will distract us from designing and offering you the best flowers we have in stock. Our flowers are more impressive and professionally designed. Even though they cost a tad more, flower shops design and create magical arrangements with more craftsmanship and ability than just a supermarket clerk.