Using Flowers to Destress Your Holidays

Do you know that fresh flowers have a positive effect on one’s emotional well-being?

I have seen scientific research that confirms that flowers have an impact on happiness, well-being, and mood.

The presence of flowers lessens worrying, anxiety, stress, and depression, and it increases energy, happiness, enthusiasm, confidence, and even compassion. Flowers gracing a holiday table and other special social gatherings are not merely decoration, but they set the mood, and they can affect social behavior in a positive manner.When choosing Christmas centerpieces and Christmas flowers, vibrant colors for the season are invigorating, uplifting, and joyous, whereas, a softer palette imparts relaxation and a calm effect. You may prefer a centerpiece for the table to enhance your home or office.

Thanksgiving Table

Bright flowers can change the mood of any evening.

So you can see the effectiveness, consider single flowers in individual vases that can be placed at each setting for your guests.  Adds a gift and nice touch to the evening.

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