What You Should Know Before You Order Flowers Online!

Use Caution when looking for local florists online, telemarketers advertise in every major city in the USA!

What You Should Know Before You Order Flowers Online!
About 100 years ago, FTD became the first wire service as a group of 15 florists joined together to form a cooperative. Today, FTD.com, Teleflora.com and 1-800Flowers.com all own and operate for profit companies.

Similar to travel agents, these wire services main function is to act as agents. The profit is, therefore, the difference between the advertised price they charge the customer and the discounted price they pay their agent, the florist.

You’re a Smart Shopper:

You know that the best flower arrangements, value, quality, and service comes from dealing directly with the florist. Why would you want to trust that special arrangement to someone sitting behind a computer that does not know a daisy from a tulip.

We are the actual florist that make the flowers for FTD.com, 1-800Flowers and others. We’re affliated with real like-minded florists, everywhere. We can and will take good care of all your orders.

Beware also Telemarketers, like wire services, act as a “travel agent” to the consumer. When you place an order, they charge you, the consumer, the advertised price, but they send us, the florist a discounted price. You do not get what you are paying for.

In addition, they ALL charge additional Service Fees as high as $19.99. When you spend $100.00 the florist is paid an average of $55.00.

If you want to save money, make sure the local florists website is a real local florist and not a telemarketer. We are a real local flower shop. We are the ones actually creating the flowers. When you contact us, rest assure, you are reaching a real florist who knows about flowers.

Visit our websites at www.MrBokay.com or www.MrBokayFlowers.com. We offer hundreds of selections for every occasion.


Speak with us directly at 800-350-7251.

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