2015 Mother’s Day Flower Trends from Westchester Flower Shop

The Society of American Florists asked some of the country’s top florists and floral designers to describe what’s in style for flowers this Mother’s Day, from popular flowers and color combinations to trendy flower design styles and flower delivery advice. Here is a compilation of their Mother’s Day flower trends and ordering tips.


Mother’s Day Flower Colors

Pink is the traditional favorite for Mother’s Day flowers. Other colors to wow Mom on Mother’s Day include:

  • Monochromatic (flowers in the same color) like all pink, all purple, or all oranges – really make a beautiful arrangement.
  • Blush pink, antique ivory and cream tones
  • Hot pink and berry tones combined with shades of red

Bold, vibrant and exciting color combinations also wow Mom:

  • Hot pink and orange
  • Citron and purple
  • Shades of orange hues – tangerine to peach
  • Purple accented with bright green
  • Purple and lime green and magenta
  • Pink, coral and turquoise together

Popular Mother’s Day Floral Designs

  • Monochromatic (flowers in the same color) floral arrangements
  • Floral arrangements designed in baskets
  • Strong botanical or color groupings surrounded by beautiful smaller flowers and foliage
  • Natural, earthy and garden-style arrangements in vintage style glassware
  • Soft and feminine mixed flower combinations
  • Simple, monobotanical (one flower variety) designs in clear glass vessels

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