Flowers in Season for November


What Flowers Are in Season in November?thumbnailThe month of November is still a great time of year to get out and experience some great fresh fall flowers.  Here, across the United States, you will find several floral varieties that are still in season for your viewing pleasure.

Seasonal flowers are so special because they are often available locally and will cost less to create a bouquet or an arrangement.  Seasonal November flowers vary across the U.S. from region to region.

Primarily, in the Northeastern US, Sunflowers are some of the floral stars of November.  Sunflowers are bold and beautiful and look amazing in a floral bouquet or centerpiece.

In the West, Chrysanthemums bloom and flourish wildly in gardens and horticultural growing centers across the western coast.  In fact, Chrysanthemums are the official flower ofNovember.  A close looking relative is the Hydrangea – which complements the Chrysanthemum very well in a bouquet or arrangement.

 In the Midwest, Dahlias are blooming and growing locally from state to state.  Dahlias completely steal the show and its natural beauty can really make a modern floral piece into a very elegant and classy fresh flower arrangement or bouquet.

Many flowers are available all year round.  Luckily, many greenhouse and growers maintain enough of these popular blooms on stock year round.  These flowers include roses, orchids, lillies, and all sorts of Gerber daisies.