Study Finds Flowers Help Guys Get Girls

A recent study out of the University of Southern California discovered the presence of flowers make men seem like a more responsible dating partner. This research was conducting over the course of 2 separate experiments that tested how well women responded to receiving the gift of flowers.

In the first, Scientists randomly assigned female participants to watch a video of man discussing food. The women sat in one of two rooms: one decorated with vases full of roses, marigolds and daisies, or a bare room with empty vases. After watching the video, the women in the flower-filled room rated the man in the video as sexier and said they were more willing to date him.

In another experiment, the same scientists had a man ask 600 young women for their phone numbers while they were shopping alone in a mall.  They then tested how charming the man appeared in front of a flower shop, a bakery and a women’s shoe store. Though a majority of the women said no overall, the man succeeded 24 percent of the time when asking near the flower shop, rather than the bakery (15.5 percent) or the shoe store (11.5 percent).

  • Women associate flowers with romance
  • Flowers put people in a good mood

“Want to get lucky? Don’t forget the flowers.”