Local Spotlight on Westchester Flower Shop

Every local business has a story worth sharing with the community.

Our spotlight today is on Jerry Della Mura and Westchester Flower Shop & Greenhouse.

Website: http://www.westchesterflowershop.com
Address: 141 South Regent Street, Port Chester

How did you come up with the name?
A small family owned flower shop that began 40 years ago has grown and continues to grow into one of the best and most noted florists. The same family ownership and family values have continued to guide this business for all these years. From our very beginning, the satisfaction of our customers has always been our top concern, a trait that is lacking in today’s business world. As one of the leading florists in the nation, Westchester Flower Shop services thousands of satisfied customers. We have made thousand and thousands of deliveries. We deliver from our own brick and mortar flower shops with our own delivery fleet and through Fedex and UPS from coast to coast.

Why choose that location? Why start a business in this town?
Port Chester has a full and rich history that really attracted my family over forty years ago. The growing economy and retail industries made it the perfect location to serve as Westchester Flower Shop.  Port Chester, NY encompasses many different cultures and various nationalities within its borders, making it an ideal location flower business.  We have been in the Washington Park area of Port Chester for over forty years.

Briefly, what business are you in?
Flower delivery, Wedding flowers, Sympathy, Event Decor

What’s the most difficult moment or challenge you’ve faced as a business owner?
Flowers are slowly becoming the forgotten element or objects that can really turn any home, office, or event into a visual masterpiece. Flowers are natural and beautiful ways to uplift and bring out creativity.

Were there any challenges that made you second guess your decision to be an entrepreneur?
Everyday is different in the flower business. With that being said, we have our very busy moments and then our very slow moments. One important message that I must pass along to our citizens of PC, is to always support local business.  The brick and mortar shops is what keeps the village and town running strong.  The Internet is a fabulous outlet for shopping, however, what you see on the screen, is not always what you receive, especially with flowers!

What’s been your favorite moment or proudest achievement since opening?
I have many special moments, my specialty has to be Weddings. Seeing the face of a bride when she first sees their wedding flowers has to be the most exhilarating and satisfying feeling a florist can feel. Just the smiles and sometimes tears makes the long hours of designing worthwhile.

What’s the most innovative idea your employees or customers have had that you put into practice?
We are actually trying to keep up with the ‘hustle and flow’ of our current mobile environment. I have since created an app that allows people to order flowers on the go in a safe and secure marketplace. Our arrangements change with the seasons and with floral availability.

How do you deal with difficult customers?
With a classic smile, tends to work every time.

How does your business give back or get involved in the community?
Westchester Flower Shop has been very active with all churches, schools, and organizations within the Village. Whether it be donating fresh greens and plants to a school or decorating a local Village church for Christmas and Easter, Westchester Flower Shop is always here to support and make Port Chester into a beautiful place for everyone.