Fresh Westchester Flowers are always a phone call away!

Westchester Flower Shop is not just, a florist. Head designer, Jerry D. is the new and proclaimed, “Cake Boss of Flowers”. That’s because he is so much more: forager of fine floral goods, event designer, organic devotee, and most notably, keeper of a florist for over 40 years in Lower Hudson Valley, Westchester NY.

“I love when customers walk in and see me working on a custom piece for a party or wedding,” he says.  “I try to explain that my creativity is just the mind having fun. I like to come up with out of the box and specialized pieces simply because it’s a lot of fun and entertainment for me”.  All of my designers have been instructed that our main offering at Westchester Flower Shop is, indeed, freshly gathered flowers from local and international greenhouses and flower farms.  Our arrangements are coveted for their natural beauty.  Westchester Flower Shop also sells candles, assorted green plants, stuffed toy animals, and even fresh fruits and fine candy delicacies.

Westchester Flower Shop front window and showroom changes with each season: cherry blossoms in the spring to twisted branches and holly in the Winter.  It’s a practice he learned from his parents, both of whom are florists and naturalists.  “Greenery and flowers, it’s just in my blood.  I really learned to observe the natural world and all of its beauty.  That’s why I spend so much time and effort into each and every design that leaves my studio.

As a floral arrangers and event designers, all designers at Westchester Flower Shop have earned a loyal following over the years.  The retail showroom at Westchester Flower Shop lets consumers get a sense of everything natural and beautiful.  We proclaim that when you step foot into the shop, “it’s comparable to taking steps into a colorful and floral wonderland”.  All of my flower bouquets and flower arrangements are hand-designed and hand-delivered to locations all throughout Westchester Flower Shop.