Flower Therapy with Westchester Flower Shop

Nurturing Flowers

A sense of nurturing and general appreciation is illustrated through a varying plethora of colors that are delicate, soft and tender. Floral designers at Westchester Flower Shop hand arrange all arrangements and each floral masterpiece can be created in pastel shades and the softest hues that vary with yellows, peaches, warm pinks, creamy whites and light greens.  All of these beautiful and soft colors give us a sense of safety, comfort and love. Westchester Flower Shop suggests a nurturing floral arrangement for a new mother, a friend who is ill or a grieving loved one.  The good thing about flowers, is that anyone who would benefit from a caring, loving embrace can receive an arrangement.

Below I listed a few of my own recommendations for each of the Nurturing palette colors. Call the shop at 800-350-7251 or visit a our website at www.westchesterflowershop.com more flower options and arrangements.