Hanukkah Flowers & Arrangements for Same Day Delivery

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Hanukkah is also known as the Festival of Lights and Hanukkah history is based around the eternal light that burned for eight days. This alone gives plenty of Hanukkah party ideas and Hanukkah decorations should traditionally be based around lights. When Hanukkah party planning you should consider tea lights, fairy lights and just about any other form of lighting you can think of, but always consider safety before appearance. A thousand tea lights can be very dangerous when revelers are really in the party spirit.

Of all the Hanukkah party games you have to include Dreidel, which is a toy similar to a spinning top. You can easily find a way to incorporate Hanukkah party favors into this and give your guests a little something extra to spin for. As well as this you can play any other party games you can think of, after all the celebrations should continue for eight days.

When buying Hanukkah party supplies you should pay very close attention to Hanukkah menus and giving a wide variety of food. Potato Latkes are probably the most classic of Hanukkah recipes that you should definitely serve. Other examples of good Hanukkah food include Brisket, Challah and Hazelnut cookies. Whatever recipes you serve be sure to dress the table appropriately and most importantly include a Menorah in the center of the table. A Menorah makes a beautiful and traditional centerpiece for your table and by incorporating oil candles you can’t get much more authentic. There are also modern designs available for the 21st century celebration and you may want to consider using one of these.