Ten reasons why local florist hand delivered flowers are best!

Below are some important facts I found, from our affiliate florist- Mr. Bokay Flowers & Greenhouse.

1. Flowers delivered by mail are not temperature controlled while being shipped

2. Flowers delivered by mail are not hydrated and are out of water for days even if sent via overnight mail.

3. Flowers delivered by mail are left at the door regardless of the weather and can wind up being frozen or virtually cooked in the heat.

4. Finding a brown cardboard box on your front steps with flowers inside is not very elegant and not the same as having a flower delivery person hand deliver a beautiful flower arrangement.

5. Flowers that come in the mail need to be unpacked and assembled, this is just added work-we have all heard some assembly required.

6. If you get flowers that were packed to be mailed you will never arrange them as nice as a local professional florist-why spend good money and have them look like supermarket flowers at best.

7. You can not get flowers delivered the same day through the mail nor can you have a delivery timed in any way.

8. If you have a problem with the flowers they can not be replaced that same day.

9. Flowers that come in the mail still need to be conditioned that is they need to be cut properly and hydrated if not done properly they will not last or open or maybe never even look nice.

10. Flowers hand delivered locally by a local florist are done so with great care taken for every order while flowers sent in the mail are done in warehouse type facilities not by professional florists looking to make your order special.

Consumer reports did a test of the major online companies that send flowers by mail. I think they were right when they concluded that local florist delivered flowers are best.

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