Color Schemes in Flower Arrangement

Color plays a very large part in successful flower arranging.  If an arrangement has good a color pattern, it increases the overall attractiveness and creates a natural sense of buzz and attention.  The appreciation of color is very personal, because everyone has different likes and dislikes when it comes to personal taste.

Monochromatic. This type of color pattern utilizes the shades, tints, and the gradient of one single color.   The tint is the hue with white added and the shade or hue is with black added to the color.

Contrasting Colors. This color pattern uses contrasting and clashing colors contained into one hue.  Arrangements using contrasting colors can be amazing to create and beautiful to look at.  For a red arrangement you will need the blue red and also the yellow reds, going from magenta to bright orange.

Mixed Colors. The most popular arrangements are usually flowers of mixed colors.  For an arrangement of garden flowers go into the garden and collect one or two of each kind and color flower.  It is best to leave out white flowers because the eye immediately goes to the white flowers.  Bright-green flowers are very good in mixed arrangements.  They blend in well and lend a sharpness to the body and composition of the arrangement.  Yellow flowers bring out the color of other flowers, so include these colors as well in your arrangement.