Beware of Flower Services and Order Gatherers!

Consumer Flower Purchase Flow Chart

The primary method of placing a flower order for delivery in a distant city has been to contact your local florist who then transfers your order to an affiliate flower shop near your friend, family member, or business contact. A local florist can provide complete and thorough knowledge of available styles, colors, suitable price ranges, and seasonal flowers.The florists may network with other professionals, nationally or internationally.


Consumer Reports tested online florists, they commented about the lack of low-priced floral products on some of the sites. The magazine had no way of knowing or even reporting that the FTD and Teleflora members only received approximately $20.90 to design and deliver those $30 flower orders, with FTD and Teleflora both now keeping approximately $20.05 (27% commissions on the price of the flowers and delivery, a $1.00 processing fee paid by the florist, and the $10.95 service charge paid by the consumer.) 1-800-Flowers affiliates received approximately $21.30 for those $30 orders, with the company keeping approximately $18.65 including the $9.95 service fee paid to process the order.

Is there any wonder why few ‘under $30 arrangements’ are available through these national companies? With the cost of products, staffs, vehicles, insurance, gasoline and operating expenses, few florists are willing to make and deliver these arrangements at such low levels of compensation, especially in metro areas. And especially when the florists know that the customers paid approximately $40 for modest gifts worth typically less than $25 after local delivery charges are deducted. Consumer complaints about these orders often begin with the phrase “I paid more than $40 and only got…”  This will not occur when you you call Westchester Flower Shop for same day flower delivery.