Free Delivery Does Not Always Mean Free

In today’s world of instant gratification, the word “Free” tends to be used very liberally by business who sacrifice quality for quantity.

Westchester County, NY — Order gatherers and telemarketers have taken over what was once the flower industry. Many times, when a consumer thinks he or she is calling an actual flower shop – they are truly calling a corporate office or call center. While on the phone, promises are made- however, quite frequently, these promises are not withheld. For instance, floral order gatherers will claim that delivery is free or advertise get a full and lush bouquet for a mere $29.99- truth be told, all of this is utter nonsense.

Many times, as a flower shop owner, I come across complaints and unhappy customers who did not receive what they originally ordered. In my past posts, I have stated that when ordering fresh flowers for delivery – always make sure you are communicating with a real and true florist. You know that the best flower arrangements, value, quality, and service comes from dealing directly with the florist. Beware of telemarketers, they act as “middlemen” between the consumer and florist. 100% of the time, the middleman takes a percentage of the total order. When you place an order, they charge you the advertised price, but they send us, the florist a discounted price to fulfill the order to the new value. Bottom line, you do not get what you are paying for.

More than just a public service announcement, I encourage our loyal consumers, new and returning, to always call us directly for your floral needs. Just the mere thought or statement of “Free Delivery” no longer exists. The Delivery charge has been well padded with your total order price when in fact, delivery is the 2nd more important factor of our services. Please do not believe everything that is told to you- Even discounts and not discounts anymore. We have to remember that all costs and labor for producing such naturally beautiful arrangements have to be met to maintain a healthy and viable business. Corporate order gatherers have forced us to sacrifice our passion just to cover the money they take out of each order.

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