Flowers Can Be Beneficial to Your Health

Spring is the perfect time of year to clean your mind, body and soul. Think of a loved one who could benefit from some flowers

Enjoying the outdoors during this colorful and blossoming season can be done in a variety of ways. While you engage in your physical activities such as biking or walking, notice and appreciate your beautiful surroundings. Become aware of your potential personal growth as flowers bloom. Also, you can grow your own edible flower garden for an appealing look in addition to a nutritional boost.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy the spring and summertime is to bring the outdoors inside. Fresh flowers can add a burst of natural color and scent to your home. Flowers can also create an excuse to do some spring cleaning while you unearth your favorite vase.

Here are some simple tips to include flowers and the springtime into any hectic and busy schedule.

Benefits of flowers:

Improve your mood. The scent of lavender can be calming and reduce your stress levels. Breathe and relax.

Potential health benefits of consuming fresh flowers are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, digestive and immunity effects.

Take a moment and appreciate beauty.

Brighten a room to bring you energy or peace.

Show appreciation and bring a smile to others. Ladies (and gentleman) may love flowers, not just on Valentine’s Day.

Planting flowers such as scented geraniums, sage and marigold can deter pests from your produce farm.

Consume flowers:

Use flowers that are grown without pesticides.

Some flowers are toxic. Eat flowers only when you know they are edible.

Flavor dishes by adding to soups, salads, sauces, stir-fry and cakes.

Garnish meals and desserts with colorful buds.

Drink as a tea.

Freeze small flowers such as rose buds, orchids, pansies, snapdragons or geraniums into ice cubes to enhance beverages for a refreshing drink.

Try herb flowers of basil, oregano, cilantro, fennel, mint, lavender, rosemary, thyme and sage to freshen up your favorite recipes. Be careful, a little can go a long way!

Broccoli florets, cauliflower and artichokes are vegetable flowers.

Tips to bring your day into nature:

Take a fitness class outside.

Depending on the length of your lunch break, allow 5-10 minutes for a quick walk. Stepping away from your work will help clear your mind and refocus when you return.

Find local parks and gardens to enjoy a scenic view. Pack a healthy picnic or bring a nice book to relax.

See if there is a local community garden or farm near you to learn to grow flowers and produce.

Gather others for a unique fresh flower experience to your liking. Many public parks offer free admission into flower gardens, orchards or vineyards. I encourage you share this budding season and think of a loved one who could benefit from some flowers. Bring a smile to their face and brighten up their day!

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