For all the work Mom does throughout the year she deserves to be pampered on Mother’s Day. The Society of American Florists has provided the following tips to make Mom feel extra special:

  • If you’re planning on taking Mom out to eat, bring down a plate, bowl, napkin and set of silverware to the flower shop about a week before Mother’s Day. We will design and create a floral arrangement in the bowl and include the silverware among the flowers. Then slip in an invitation to her favorite restaurant.
  • Invite Mom to brunch or dinner at her favorite restaurant and have a flower arrangement delivered right to your table for all to see. Port Chester Florist can arrange a special delivery to any restaurant in the Village and County of Westchester or Fairfield.
  • For Moms that like to cook, we can create an herb garden and green plant design with several small pots of herbs. Herbs are the best way to spice up and add flavor to food. We all know Mom loves to cook 😉
  • Make a special tribute to Mom by sending a decorated “Mother’s Day Tree.” The week before Mother’s Day, take several of your favorite family photos down to Port Chester Florist and ask Mr. Bokay to attach them to a plant or miniature tree using colorful ribbons. Prepare the photos ahead of time by pasting them onto pretty colored papers or put them in small frames.
  • Give Mom something to relax with by wrapping a new book and placing it into a fragrant flower bouquet with a note that reads “Today is your day to relax!”
  • Port Chester Florist can help you create a special spa kit. A few days ahead of time, bring goodies like nail polish, a loofa sponge, bath crystals, oils and other pampering items and have our designers create a basket with the spa items on one side and flowers on the other. You could even add a certificate for a manicure, pedicure, massage or spa treatments at a local day spa or salon.
  • If you want to surprise Mom from across the miles, Port Chester Florist specializes in nationwide delivery.
  • Incorporate flowers into a theme gift. If Mom is an avid gardener, ask for a floral design that includes gardening goodies such as a trowel, garden gloves, seed packets and tools. If Mom is a bird watcher, how about a design in a bird feeder? An athletic would certainly appreciate a pair of workout shoes – with flowers arranged inside. Tennis balls, golf balls or sport headbands can be a unique addition to any floral arrangement. If Mom loves clothes or jewelry, tie a scarf or drape a necklace around a vase of flowers to make the gift extra special.

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