Flowers Galore: Westchester Flower Shop Prepares for



Flowers can have a very powerful effect on both the people who order them and the gift recipient. It is amazing what beauty can be designed and arranged when you have a bucket of fresh flowers and greenery.

Westchester Flower Shop has fully stocked coolers of roses, lilies, tree fern and gerbera daisies, I began to appreciate the strength and perseverance of the women I worked with, learning how they held a small business together.

In Westchester County, NY, our flower shop has florists operate in much the same way as the one I know.  It seems like our flower shop is constantly fighting the uphill battle to stay ahead of grocery store flowers and big box chain stores such as Walmart.  These flowers are not the same quality and will not last as long.  Many shoppers make the mistake of picking up these cheaper and less quality flowers.

“I think there’s plenty of business for all the florists,” she said. “It’s the Walmarts and grocery stores that are threatening the industry.

“The public doesn’t see the difference between the $60 dozen of red roses we arrange and the $20 dozen of red roses bouquet sold at grocery stores.”

The florists at Westchester Flower Shop agree by saying customers are paying for much more than just the flowers when they come to a local floral shop.

Choosing to buy from Westchester Flower Shop will cost more, but the quality of the flowers from our exclusive farms and the knowledge of the designers makes it completely worth it to use our flower shop in Westchester County, NY.

At Westchester Flower Shop, we like to build relationships with our customers, remembering important holidays, events, and personal likes and dislikes.  We have an internal platform that reminds our customers of special occasions coming up and giving them advice when needed.