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New Flower Shop in Westchester County for Same Day Delivery

Westchester County, NY – August 1 2014 – Westchester  Flower Shop is proud to announce the Grand Opening of a new family run, full service, retail flower shop located in the heart of Westchester County, New York.  

Officially opening in their new space on July 7th of this year, Westchester Flower Shop also offers a new modern & attractive website that illustrates easy 1-click ordering, special occasion reminders, and seasonal sales for all customers who sign up.

Westchester Flower Shop attributes the success of their business to the freshness of the bouquets and arrangements offered.  Our Lead Designer visits the wholesale flower markets daily as opposed to ordering weekly, assuring that our flowers are fresher and higher quality than our local competition.  

Westchester Flower Shop sells aesthetically pleasing designs at a remarkable value, and provides outstanding customer service to each customer. Westchester Flower Shop specializes in same day floral deliveries, wedding and event floral needs, corporate account needs, funeral and sympathy flowers, prom flowers, live plant arrangements, live orchid arrangements, and seasonal and holiday decorations. Westchester Flower Shop service area includes; the City of Rye, Yonkers, New Rochelle, Mamaroneck, Bedford, and other nearby areas.  

What To Do When it’s Too Hot Outside For Your Flowers

There are always those days in summer when it seems like just stepping foot outside makes you sweat through your clothes. Now imagine what that means for your flowers, which are enduring heat stress from the beaming sun and scalding air throughout the day. While too little light can be detrimental to plants, so can too much sun.

Typically, heat stress of a plant shows itself by wilting, a sign that water loss has taken place. Just as people and animals perspire, plants transpire, giving off water vapor through their leaves. When temperatures spike above 85 degrees Fahrenheit, plants can lose a lot of the water that they need to grow. This may also be manifested by a drooping leaf. Some plants even shed some of their foliage to try to save water, while in excessively hot weather, vegetable crops have trouble yielding. If this is condition is ignored, the plants will eventually dry up and turn crunchy brown or yellow before dying.

However, you don’t have to wait until it’s too late.  So, here’s how to care for flowers in extreme heat:

1. Water

To restore lost moisture, make sure to water plants during the steamy days. If you can,use shade covers, especially on vegetable crops, to give the plants a respite from the sun. Generally, most flowers require the same care in heat, except container plants or ones that have been newly planted. For container plants, make sure you water them up to twice a day in high temperatures. Give these plants a thorough soaking until you can see water coming out of the drainage hoes. Meanwhile, some plants, like succulents, are well-equipped to manage heat by conserving water in their leaves. Most plants are not as lucky.

Want to water your plants throughout the day even when you’re not home? Try outwater granules, which gradually release water into the soil over the course of several hours.

2. Move Potted Plants into the Shade

If possible, relocate your plants into the shade. Their leaves will begin to take a healthier shape as they can retain more H2O throughout the day. Your plants will thank you for it. 

If you have something like an Imperial Purple Orchid or Yellow Trio Basket of plants left in the sun, be sure carry these pots into a shadier area to prevent them from drying out.

3. Mulch Plants

Besides suppressing weeds, mulching plants helps conserve moisture that keeps plants cooler. This eliminates stress in shallow-rooted plants and provide essential nutrients to the soil and flower.

Keeping Flowers Fresh: Facts vs. Fiction

There’s a wide range of myths and legends when it comes to keeping stem-cut flowers fresh, but what methods work and which ones are bunk? Here’s a breakdown of what will help your flowers stay fresh for the long haul:

Put a Penny in the Vase

This myth has some factual evidence to back it up. Copper is a fungicide, so adding a penny to the water in your vase helps protect your flowers from bacteria. This is similar to what florists do when they add little packets of antibacterial chemicals. It is also recommended that the penny be accompanied by an aspirin, which is acidic and helps water flow through your flowers.

adding flower food to a vase of water

Add Bleach

A little bleach serves the same purpose as the penny. Bleach kills bacteria, but it will also whiten the stems of your flowers if you use too much. Again, an acidic element is needed, so many people pair bleach with lemon juice, lemon-lime soda or vinegar. Remember, a little bleach goes a long way.

Add Sugar

When flowers are cut at the stem, they immediately begin to lose out on nutrients provided by photosynthesis. Adding sugar to water in your vase will give your flowers the nutrients to continue growing – however, this comes at a cost. Sugar also encourages the growth of bacteria, which can cause your flowers to smell and ultimately lead to their swift decay. So sugar should be accompanied by an antibacterial agent as well.

Add Vodka

Using this alcoholic spirit helps slow down the rate at which flowers ripen, but too much can kill your flowers. Only a few drops of vodka should be added to the water in your vase.

The most important thing to remember when trying any of these methods is to exercise moderation. Flowers primarily need water, and adding too much bleach, soda, vodka or sugar will potentially endanger their longevity.

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